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About Tiron

Where it all began

Growing up in Mayfield in the 1980s, I have seen it change for the better. As a young fella, my mates and I used to be able to ride our bikes around the streets without a trouble in the world. So long as we didn’t cross Maitland Road or Hanbury Streets we were free to roam the streets. As a kid, that was a lot of ground. With the buildings demolished on what is now Woolworths, we had little jumps and fun to be had. Most of the neighbours were older folk that had been there since they had built their homes after World War Two. The homes were always well cared for and the lawns mowed. It was the kind of neighbourhood that reminds me of a TV show or something like that.

In the 1990s we moved to Wallsend. My father a police officer was transferred to Sydney then returned to Maitland Area and my mother a registered nurse (based at the newly opened John Hunter Hospital) the location was central for the both of them. It was a great area to ride around as a teenager but there wasn’t much else to do as most of my friends lived in other suburbs.

During the years after we moved to Wallsend, my parents decided to knockdown and rebuild rather than renovate the old home that was on the 820 square metre corner block. So after looking through dozens of houses before buying at Wallsend, we then set out inspecting dozens of display homes. This is what sparked my desire to become a real estate agent.

Fast forward to today where I am in my ninth year as a Newcastle Real Estate Agent. A short break and a stint as a buyer’s agent furthered my skill in negotiation as well as real estate marketing. My knowledge of the Newcastle Real Estate market is hard to match as I have now inspected many more properties than most agents in the market place. Having a background in real estate sales in the Newcastle real estate market places me as the only Newcastle Buyers Agent to have that in depth local experience.

I dabbled back in sales but realised my passion is helping buyers find the right property. While many buyer’s agents prefer working with investors, I am happy to help either. So as Newcastle Buyers Agent I intend to offer market and local knowledge that is hard to match in the area. Increasing a client’s confidence in their decision to purchase whether it is to live in or rent out. I joined REBAA (Real Estate Buyers Agent Association) shortly after starting Newcastle Buyers Agent as I recognised the significance of surrounding myself with like-minded professionals.

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