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On the 8th July  2013 I was initiated into The Waratah Lodge No 170 of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory. The journey so far has been amazing and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this fabulous organisation. There are many that have misconceptions about Freemasonry and I must admit I had a few of them. Once I spoke to a friend that I knew to be a mason, my fears had been allayed. As a long established organisation with many traditions passed down the centuries, it is going through quite a bit of change. The advent of social media and the Internet has meant some of the boundaries have come down a bit and members are more willing to discuss their involvement. The Waratah Lodge has an average membership age of 70 which is alarming. As the membership ages, the numbers are harder to replace.

Recently The Waratah Lodge 170 consolidated with Lodge Sincerity and Lodge City of Newcastle to become Lodge City of Newcastle 170. We meet at New Lambton Masonic Centre at the moment on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

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